Toni Morrison

Toni Morrison; literature novelist died at the age of 88

Toni Morrison died at the age of 88 on Monday. She was the first black woman who did something to kill racism. She was described as a role model not only to black women but also to the whole black community for bringing a change. The step she took may not be that big at that point but it was a big step for the black people which eventually turn into a revolution for the black quality.

Toni Morrison wrote her first novel, “The Bluest Eye” which published in 1970. By this bestselling novel, she explored black identity in America. She explained in a video that she never wrote that book as an author but as a reader. She every little homely black girl was a joke and didn’t exist in the American literature. She wanted something that will hurt the racism and break it. She was appreciated by many black leaders and was invited to several lectures about racism and interviews related to the black community and its struggle. She won many awards including president Medal of Freedom by then-president Obama, another black leader who brought a revolution for their community. She wrote 11 novels and also a few children’s books and essay collections.

She did her bachelor’s degree from Howard major in English and a minor in classics in 1953. Master’s from Cornell in English in 1955 after that she taught English as a teacher at Texas Southern University. There, she joined a fiction workshop and began writing in earnest. Required to bring a sample to a workshop meeting, she began work on a story about a black girl who craves blue eyes — the kernel of her first novel.

She married Harold Morrison, in 1958, an architect from Jamaica; they divorced in 1964. In interviews, Morrison barely spoke about her marriage, though she intimated that her husband had wanted a traditional 1950s wife — that she never wanted to be.

After her divorce with Harold Morrison, Ms. Morrison moved to Syracuse, with her sons she took a job as an editor with a textbook division of Random House. She is a stranger in the city, she found herself very lonely. Struggling between work and motherhood she took her time and started writing “The Bluest Eye”.

In the late 1960s, she moved to New York City and took an editorial position with Random House’s trade-book division. In 1989, she joined the faculty of Princeton; she taught humanities and African American studies there and was a member of the creative writing program. Ms. Morrison is survived by her son Harold Ford Morrison and with three grandchildren. Her other son, Slade, with whom she collaborated on the texts of many books for children, died in 2010.

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