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Saoirse Kennedy Hill died at 22, fighting with depression

Ms. Kennedy Hill’s death at the age of 22, adds tragedies that have befallen the Kennedys and brought on the grim aura of a family curse.

Saoirse Kennedy Hill, 22, a grandchild of Henry M. Robert F. Kennedy, died on Thursday suffering from drug overtakes at the Kennedy compound in Hyannis Port, Mass. “Our hearts are shattered by the loss of our beloved Saoirse,” the Kennedy family stated.

 “Her life was full of hope, promise, and love.” The eldest kid of Joseph and Rose Kennedy, Joseph Jr. was set to enter his final year at Harvard law school in 1943, but instead of volunteering to function flier for the US Navy in World War II. He was sent to a European nation, associated died throughout a secret mission once an experimental craft loaded with explosives blew up over English people Channel. The family was along in Hyannis Port on a Sunday afternoon in August once 2 clergymen came with news of his death, at age 29. “My father took the 2 men upstairs,” Eunice Kennedy Shriver, Joseph Jr’s sister, said later. “A few minutes later he lessened and aforesaid, ‘We’ve lost Joe.’” “Then he went back upstairs to his area and latched the door.” When Joe Jr. was born, his grandfather, civil authority John F. Fitzgerald of Bean Town, declared to the print media that the newborn would become president sometime.  As associate 18-year-old, Kathleen, the second-eldest female, joined her father in London once he becameUS ambassador to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. She fell in love with Europe and would settle there. While there she married William Henry Cavendish, the Marques of Hartington and a member of the land Army. He joined his regiment in France for one month once their wedding and was killed in combat 3 months later. She was a widow at twenty-four. Kathleen was reaching to marry once more but was killed once a little plane she and her groom-to-be were taking from Paris to the French Riviera for a vacation crashed. She was 28. The epitaph on her grave reads: “Joy she gave, the joy she has found.” 1963 Patrick Bouvier Kennedy Patrick, World Health Organization was born 5 and a [*fr1] weeks premature to United States President and his spouse, Jacqueline, in 1963, died 3 months before his father’s assassination. He had what’s currently called metabolism distress syndrome, and his life lasted but forty hours. “He places up quite fight,” the president aforesaid. “He was an attractive baby.” once Saint Patrick died the president people to his non-public area within the hospital and cried, consistent with his shut aides. Mrs. Kennedy remained hospitalized for a more week once birth. Her initial extended public look within us once Patrick’s death came in Nov on the Kennedys’ trip to Lone-Star State. Like his older brother, Mr. Kennedy joined the Navy and was a lieutenant appointed to the Pacific Ocean as commander of a patrolling warship, the PT-109. Returning home to Massachusetts once the war, he won a legislative assembly seat in 1946, and was no appointive to the Senate in 1952. In July 1960, he became the Democratic political leader for president and defeated Vice-chairman Richard M. Nixon in Nov by the slimmest standard vote margin at the time. His assassination in the metropolis on a Gregorian calendar month. 22, 1963 at the age of forty-six, was a searing moment of shock and grief not for the family, but additionally for the state. Robert, the president’s brother, and his professional general resigned from that post ten months once John’s assassination. He captured a Senate seat from the big apple and because the turmoil of the Nineteen Sixties grew, several Americans looked to him to heal a nation torn by the war and divided by race and sophistication. He began his bid for the presidency and won California’s Democratic primary, but was shot on June five, 1968 at the Ambassador edifice in l. a. and died a consequent day. He was 42. “My brother needn’t be perfect or enlarged in death on the far side what he was in life,” aforesaid legislator Edward M. Kennedy, the sole remaining brother, in his encomium. “To be remembered as an honest} and decent man, World Health Organization saw wrong and tried to right it, saw suffering and tried to heal it, saw war and tried to prevent it.” About a Meg individuals lined stretches of railroad tracks from the big apple to Washington during a big chain of mourning as mister. Kennedy’s coffin was sent to the urban center National burial site. “You have a sense during a personal means of huge infinite loss,” one in every of mister. Kennedy’s aides aforesaid of looking at the crowds from the train. Many Americans, the hope they felt at the beginning of the Nineteen Sixties with President Kennedy’s inaugural is destroyed after his brother’s death. Robert, World Health Organization was a surrogate father to President Kennedy’s son and female offspring, left ten kids of his own, with associate eleventh on the means.

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