Article 15 Movie Review


Directed by Anlubhav Sinha, Article 15 is a thriller, crime and, drama film and produced by Zee Studios and Banaras Media Works. The film is written by Anubhav Sinha and Gaurav Solanki and released on 26th June 2019. It’s based on the casteism and bad behavior done by upper caste people on the lower caste poor and innocent people. Indian actor Ayushman Khurana is in the lead role of an honest IPS officer (Aayan Ranjan) doing his job and trying to provide justice to the victims.
The supporting character also played a key role in creating the humor and seriousness of some major scenes. Isha Talwar played the role of the character Aditi with Manoj Pahwa (as Bramhdutt Singh), Sayani Gupta (as Gaura), Sushil Pandey (as Nihal Singh), Nassar(as Panikar-CBI) and other superstars. In starting, the Anubhav Sinha faced a lot of difficulties regarding the story and the bitter truth of our society shown by the movie, but later on, the sensor board gave him a clean chit and it was finally released on 26th June 2019.

The plot of the Movie:
Article 15 starts from a small tehsil Lagoon, a small village in Uttar Pradesh. Aayan Ranjan, a person who doesn’t support casteism and discrimination witnessed a horrific crime done by some of the upper Hippocrates to three lower caste ladies. The newly transferred Aayan took the incident seriously and begin to investigate. You can easily book movie tickets online using Bookmyshow Coupons with great discount.

Initially, his colleagues told him that rapes done with girls here are common and should not be considered as the powerful hands will destroy his career or even put his life in danger, but he continues the investigation and reveals the dark reality of our society. If someone will ask your name, you will say that your name is so and so, but a great minded Hippocrates will join his cast and position to it. It doesn’t matter from which caste you belong, article 5 in the Indian constitution states that everyone has the equal right to live his life in a way he/she wants regardless hi/her’s gender, cast, and position in the society.
Three girls raped and hanged just because they asked to increase their salary by 3 rupees, while the dead body of two girls resurrected the third one is still missing. Aayan Ranjan decided to help them and start investigating the case. The honest police officer faced many problems and threats as the politicians and criminals belonging to higher cast try to stop him. Despite the hurdles and threats, his only goal is to solve the case and most importantly hammer on the poor mentality of the people based on casteism.

The incidents shown in the movie are real and taken from the cries that often happen in our society mainly in the areas where nobody wants to hear the poor and low caste people’s voice. The first few minutes of the movie will force you to think that the incidents shown in the film are even real or not. For example, in the starting when Aayan bought a water bottle from a small village, his colleagues said that the water is dirty because the lower caste person touched it. It may seem a fictional scene but its really happing in our society. On third July in Uttar Pradesh during the water crises, the upper caste people didn’t allow the lower caste people to get the water.
Article 15 will show you the bitter truth of our society, but the whole country is not the same. There are many people especially in the urban areas where people do not give any value to your caste and class, you can do whatever you want. The incidents are shown in the movie mainly happens to the rural areas where people are not aware and stuck to the old and poor mentality of discriminating against people on their caste. In addition to this if you are looking for film jobs then it could be the best chance to try it.
The director of the movie did a great job and tried to give us a message and to think about it. The lead actor Aayushman Khurana always do the movies having a message in them and are contentful. The supporting actors also did a great job. Throughout the movie, they will attract your focus to themselves. Article 15 got 8.4/10 on IMDB and 87%on Tomatometer with 97%audieence scores on RottonTomatoes.
High ratings and filmography are great, but the reality of our society that Anubhav Sinha tried to put in front of us is a big reason. The government says that all is good and nothing bad is happening, but in reality, we are lacking behind because people in some parts of our country still carry this type of mentality and this needs to be removed. The story is enough to take you to the theatres and you will not say that your money is wasted.

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