Dayton shooting victims

9 people killed by a gunman in the entertainment district, downtown Dayton, Ohio

A person wearing a bulletproof vest, mask and hearing protection was killed by cops within 30 seconds of opening fire on Sunday in downtown Dayton, Ohio.

9 people dead including the gunman’s sister reported by authorities. Dayton chief police, Richard Biehl reported that the shooter opened fire with .223 calibers, which is a high capacity rifle along with 100 round drum magazines.  Cops were patrolling that area when they heard the gunfire and noticed a crowd running.   

“The officers immediately advanced toward the gunfire and within approximately 20 seconds, they engaged the suspect, who was actively firing and attempting to enter a crowded liquor establishment,” the Biehl explained.

“The threat was neutralized at approximately 30 seconds of the suspect firing his first shot,” the officer said.

Police said they are finding the intention and whereabouts of the shooter as they still got no evidence and intention of the sudden shooting.

9 people have been identified from the list of people who died along with Mr. Betts. All in the age of 25 to 57 and their identification is:

1.    LOIS L. OGLESBY, 27, a black female.

2.    SAEED SALEH, 38, a black male

3.    Derrick R. Fudge, 57, a black male;

4.    Logan Turner, 30, a white male;

5.    Nicholas P. Cumer, 25, a white male;

6.    Thomas J. McNichols, 25, a black male;

7.    Beatrice N. Warren-Curtis, 36, a black female;

8.    Monica E. Brickhouse, 39, a black female.

A 50-year-old named James Williams who has a pizzeria, Double Deuce. He was seated with his friends on the patio at Ned Peppers when they heard shots. “We heard gunshots,” said Mr. Williams on a telephone interview. “Everyone started screaming Help!! After that shots stopped” he added.

The shooting occurred by 1 am on East Fifth street. That place was gathered with one thousand of people enjoying the late-night summer. The patrolling police officers responded very quickly and killed the gunman within one minute of his gunshots.

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